best auto scan tool

Best Auto Scan Tools

There are lots of car diagnostic tools and ways of fixing your car. This is why a lot of people prefer to buy these tools from a reliable dealer or car accessory store. There are certain accessories that can help you a lot in repairing your car. With some of these accessories, you can save a lot of time and energy while doing your repairs. You will find all the details of what car diagnostic tools you should get by reading the information below.

If you’re looking for a diagnostic tool that gives you the chance to do an advanced diagnostic scan, you must buy a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) decoder. These devices can give you more details about the car you’re checking out. The features include vehicle identification number scanning, engine and vehicle identification number decoding, VIN, and VIN verification.

These devices can give you the accurate and correct information about the type of problems that have occurred in your car. It can help you to fix the problems on your own and avoid getting in the middle of a large-scale repair.

Another diagnostic tool that is popular among car owners is the ID Decoder. The device reads the VIN and helps you to know the model, year, and manufacture of your car. You will be able to determine the kind of repairs that are needed on your car.

For best results, make sure that you purchase the tools that have been designed by professionals. This is the only way to get your hands on the best diagnostic tools for your car. Aside from these diagnostic tools, you can also find more advanced tools that can help you with repairing your car problems. For example, you can use a real-time scan tool that can detect and rectify the faults with your car automatically.

These are the most sophisticated diagnostic tools that allow you to easily diagnose your car problems. They can be used on any car regardless of its make and model. If you want to save your time and money, you must take a look at the various new technologies that are available to consumers today. For example, you can also get remote diagnostic tools that let you do the diagnostic scan and fix your car problems instantly.

These diagnostic tools are powered by your PC or laptop. As long as you have a device that can do MAC, PC, or Linux based operating system, you can easily get access to these gadgets. There are lots of car diagnostic tools out there. Before you go out to buy any of them, you must make sure that you know exactly what you’re looking for.

Top 9 Best Auto Scan Tools in 2020

1. BlueDriver LSB2 Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool

BlueDriver Best Auto Scan Tools

BlueDriver’s Best Auto Scan Tools Enhanced Diagnostics gives you total access to information normally that only accessible to expert mechanics on expensive scan tools.

  • Read and clean your Check Engine Light and other vehicle systems. Get your limitless free vehicle-specific Repair Reports, produces from a database of millions of fixes proved by ASE Certified Mechanics
    As convenient to use as a code reader with all the abilities of a costly handheld scan tool, plus the advantages of your smartphone or tablet
  • Professionally licensed and certified for Apple and Android handheld devices
  • The BlueDriver App and BlueDriver Sensor work solely with each other to assure quality
  • BlueDriver is the Professional OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool entrusted by mechanics and created by Professional Engineers in North America

This is the best auto scan tool for your car.

2. ANCEL AD310 Classic Enhanced Universal OBD II Scanner

ANCEL Best Auto Scan Tools

The major function of this ANCEL Universal Best Scan Tool is detecting the Engine System as well as reading and destroying error codes.

  • Limited Time Offer: Recieve a free EVA bag for AD310 when you add both AD310 OBD2 scanner and EVA bag provided by ANCEL to cart and simply check the special offers below to find out how. It offers classic design, fast scans, and clear trouble codes. Even a beginner can operate this unit to read the error code and find out the problem to fix it. You can save money and time
  • Compatible with MOST 1996 US-Based, 2000 EU-Based and Asian cars, and new OBD II & CAN domestic.
    Handily decide the reason for the check engine light. Features I/M monitor readiness test, shut off the MIL and display freeze frame data. Read hard/pending and historic codes and display definitions.
  • The AD310 scanner is built with an LCD display, white backlight and contrast adjustment shows test results directly. No need for batteries or Charger gets the energy directly from the OBDII Data Link Connector in your vehicle.
  • It’s made with a 2. 5 feet long cable and a very thick flexible insulator. 4 buttons on AD310. Features Up and Down button for scrolling the menu with the Enter and Exit button for navigation back, entering the menu

This is the best auto scan tool for fast scan operation.

3. ANCEL AD410 Enhanced OBD II Vehicle Code Reader

ANCEL Best Auto Scan Tools

ANCEL AD410 is a greatly enhanced upgraded Best Auto Scan Tool from basic car code readers.

  • Limited Time Offer: Get an EVA bag for AD410 when you add both AD410 OBD2 scanner and EVA bag by ANCEL to cart. just check out the special offers given below to find out how.
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY – Suggested by YouTube Star Scotty Kilmer on his channel. Operates on most vehicles in the USA with the model year of 1996 or new ones.
  • Supports all OBDII protocols: Supports KWP2000, ISO9141, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM, and CAN. Requires no battery, charger because the unit receives power directly from the OBDII Data Link Connector.
  • CRITICAL FUNCTIONALITY – Reads fast and delete stored emission-related codes, pending codes, and displayed code definitions. Turns off the MIL and reset the monitor before taking it to Smog, and indicates you about what is going on before bringing the car for repair.
  • ENHANCED OBDII DIAGNOSTICS – The O2 Sensor Test is to monitor and change air or fuel mixture that will help identify and simplifies issues of fuel efficiency and vehicle emission
  • QVGA DISPLAY & NEW UI – AD410 code reader is an intense upgrade from most basic diagnostic scan tools. It features a 2. 4″ TFT true color LCD display for clean test results. With a simple-to-read UI design, the user can conveniently access Setup.
  • Features BDII Diagnostics, I/M readiness, and DTC Look-up and Review. You don’t need the manual to know about how to use even for a beginner.
  • DIAGNOSTIC REPORTS & UPDATE – The “Review & Print” option allows us to save or print diagnostic reports as needed. ANCEL brand offers lifetime free software updates for this unit to solve the latest bugs or include new parameters.

This is the best auto scan tool for clear test results.

4. Autel MaxiCheck Pro OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic Scan Tool

Autel Best Auto Scan Tools

Autel Best Auto Scan Tool is one of the prime manufacturers and providers of diagnostic tools, equipment, and accessories in the automotive market.

  • ABS AUTO BLEED & BI-DIRECTIONAL CONTROL: MaxiCheck Pro is a reasonable auto scan tool that can perform useful functions like ABS Auto Bleed, Active Tests that are NOT universally compatible.
  • TROUBLESHOOTING STEPS: Please follow the steps to perform ABS Automated Bleed function- 1. Download MaxiSuite and quickly update all software updates. 2. Hang it up to your vehicle through OBD2 cable. 3. Distinguish the vehicle and make sure about NO DTC is present. 4. Obey the track ABS/SrS, Anti-Block Brake System, Special Function, ABS Automated Bleed, Hydraulic Brake Bleeding.
  • ALL 10 MODES OF OBD2 TESTS & SPECIAL FUNCTIONS: MaxiCheck Pro auto diagnostic scanner allows to perform all 10 modes of OBD2 tests including reading and clear codes, view freeze frame data, I/M Readiness Status, Component Test, O2 Monitor Test, On-Board Monitor Test, Live Data, DTC Lookup.
  • Module works on ALL OBD2 compliant vehicles. It can perform various diagnoses and functions like ABS, SRS, Oil Reset, EPB, BMS that are NOT universally compatible.
  • COMPLETE OBDII & EOBD COVERAGE: Compatible to all OBD2 protocols including ISO9141, KWP2000, J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW, and CAN.
  • LIFETIME FREE UPDATES AND RISK-FREE PURCHASE: Autel MaxiCheck Pro diagnostic scan tool offers LIFETIME FREE updates and secure from defects for 12 Months. If not 100% satisfied with our car scanner tool kindly contact for NEW REPLACEMENT/ FULL REFUND in 30 Days.

This is the best auto scan tool for better universal compatibility.

5. Nexas Heavy Duty Truck Scan Tool

Nexas Best Auto Scan Tools

The Nexas Heavy Duty Best Auto Scan Tool is another professional diagnostic tool that is top-rated than most others on the market.

  • NL102PLUS HEAVY DUTY diagnostic scanner from NEXAS Compatible with all heavy-duty trucks in compliance with standard protocols. And engine check diagnostic for all passenger cars and light-duty vehicles from 1996 on.
  • Trucks appliance: Suits for Cummings, Detroit, for Maxxforce, for Caterpillar, for Freightliner, for International, for Kenworth, for John Deere, for Peterbilt, for Sterling, for Mack, Paccar, for, ERF, for Foden, for Seddon-Atkinson, for Iveco, for DAF, for SISU, for STEYR, for ISUZU, and all Cars or light duty.
  • DPF Regeneration And Oil Service Reset: Oil service reset for Cummings, Detroit, Maxxforce till now.
  • FREE UPDATE & EXCELLENT SERVICE: Features 2. 8 inch TFT color screen design and user-friendly software design for easy operate as easy as pie. Offers one year and lifetime free software online update with the professional service team for any questions within 24 hours.

This is the best auto scan tool for heavy-duty trucks.

6. LAUNCH CRP129X OBD2 Scanner Automotive Code Reader

LAUNCH Best Auto Scan Tools

LAUNCH Durable Best Auto Scan Tool is dedicated to creating long-term value for customers by providing quality, easy-to-use and reasonable products.

  • UPGRADED VERSION OF CRP129: This scan tool is designed with a larger 5” touchable HD 720P screen and keypad design for enhanced operation. There are 2 more reset services that are compared with CRP129, AutoVIN and automatic printable Inspection report allows you to get diagnostic information efficiently.
  • FOUR SYSTEMS DIAGNOSIS: Engine, Transmission, ABS and SR’s diagnoses, reading, clearing diagnostic trouble codes, live data stream and turning off the warning light related. With the battery voltage test, you can to monitor the battery voltage timely
  • 5 RESET SERVICES + AUTOMATIC AUTOVIN SCAN: This code reader track the 5 most commonly used special reset functions that include OIL/EPB/SAS/TPMS reset and Throttle Adaptation to monitor your vehicle systems safely and effectively.
  • FULL OBD2 COMPLIANCY + DATA RECORD & PLAYBACK: Operates on all 10 modes of OBDII functions I/M Readiness Status, Live Data Graphing, MIL turn-off, and more. Works on most vehicles compliant with OBD2 protocols than 57 brands.
  • ONE CLICK FREE UPDATE+ 9 LANGUAGES: This diagnostic automotive scanner offers a 12-month warranty for any quality problem. One-click WiFi free updates for a lifetime along with multilingual support: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and more.

This is the best auto scan tool for easy handling.

7. LAUNCH Code Reader – CRP123X OBD2 Scanner

LAUNCH Best Auto Scan Tools

LAUNCH Best Auto Scan Tool is in line with the culture of “innovation, quality, efficiency, specialty and competition” for providing top-quality products.

  • Engine/Transmission/ABS/SRS Diagnostics + Full OBDII Functions: The LAUNCH Scan tool supports performing standard OBD/EOBD diagnostics Live Data Graphing, Vehicle Information, I/M readiness, DTC Lookup, and more. Also accesses the main ECU’s for Engine, Transmission, ABS and Airbag system, reading and erasing code, live data stream. The Diagnostic Report allows users to avoid blind maintenance by saving money and time.
  • One-click Wi-Fi Updates + AutoVIN: The scanner includes a fast Android operating system and offers a variety of easy-to-use features. One-click update via Wi-Fi and AutoVIN service automatically extracts vehicle VIN for troubleshooting accurately, Battery Voltage service manages real-time battery voltage of 12V vehicles in graphical.
  • Data Record & Report & Print + 24-Month Warranty: You can record any data stream or diagnostic results, and print by email for analysis. The Diagnostic Report automatically tracks the basic diagnosis report and can be transferred via email. Offers 24-month warranty for any quality problems.
  • 720P Resolution Touchable Screen: Comes with a 5.0-inch touchscreen and 720P resolution to provides outstanding image quality by allowing you to simply analyze problems. Operating methods and anti-slip handle design, anti-fall shell extend the lifetime of the scanner. The obd2 scanner features a built-in 4000mAh rechargeable battery and charging through the vehicle.
  • Wider Vehicle Coverage: LAUNCH OBD2 scanner an upgraded version of CRP123 offers wider coverage of suitable vehicles and more language compatibility.

This is the best auto scan tool for accurate troubleshooting of problems.

8. FOXWELL NT650 Elite Car OBD2 Scanner

FOXWELL Best Auto Scan Tools

The FOXWELL is the Professional Best Auto Scan Tool that is able to diagnose all vehicle systems.

  • Built-Application Diagnostic: NT650 Elite automobile code reader is a reasonable solution for the maintenance of your vehicle. It diagnoses the engine abs airbag malfunction and do abs bleeding, steering sensor inspection, battery registration, oil EPB light reset, SAS calibration, DPF regeneration, TPMS, TPS/TBA, CVT, odometer.
  • Latest Technology: Upgraded the processor to 9X35 and the running memory to 1GBit that allows the diagnostic scanner to run faster. Auto VIN technology automatically identifies the vehicle’s make, model and year information. Wide vehicle coverage makes this automotive scanner operate on the up to 2017/2018/2019 year cars, SUVs, minivans and light-duty trucks.
  • Global OBDII/ EOBD Scan: Diagnostics scanner offers OBDII diagnostics for global OBDII/EOBD vehicles, to reads and clear codes, shut off MILs, records live sensor data, do O2 Sensor and EVAP Test, advanced On-board Monitoring. The powerful graphing capability delivers the “real picture” of your vehicle that allows you to focus on any suspicious or symptom-specific data parameters.
  • Excellent Value for Money: Features clearly arranged keypad, menu-driven operation, shortcuts and easy-to-read 4. 3” color display that allows the scanner easy to use
  • The Best Choice You Can Trust: It is a perfect choice if you are looking for a well-built and easy-use scanner.

This is the best auto scan tool for a high-quality scanner.

9. FOXWELL OBD2 Scanner AutoMaster Pro NT624E

OBD2 Best Auto Scan Tools

FOXWELL offers a Simple and Affordable solution to point out troubles of all systems on 56 mainstream car brands.

  • ENHANCED FULL SYSTEM DIAGNOSIS: The NT624 elite code scanner executes full diagnosis for all electronic modules, read codes, clear codes, live sensors data, data graphing, retrieves ECU information, and more.
  • FREQUENTLY-USED MAINTENANCE FUNCTIONS: This vehicle code reader offers the commonly used maintenance functions, oil service reset for 49 car makes, Electronic Park Brake, service for 42 cars. Shut off your Check Engine Light, ABS light, Airbag light, TPMS light, and all other vehicle systems light.
  • FULL OBDII DIAGNOSTIC FUNCTIONS: This obd2 scanner not only read, clear check engine light domestic 1996 and newer OBD2 car, light truck, SUV, and hybrids but also delivers I/M readiness, O2 sensor test, EVAP system test, retrieves vehicle info, freeze frame data and more.
  • AUTOVIN SCAN: With 4.3’’ TFT color display it can scan tool offer auto VIN scan feature which allows you to identify cars quickly.
  • AFTER-SALE PROTECTION: Outer case restricts damage to your car scanner. Life long FREE update allows us to fix the latest bug.

This is the best auto scan tool for easy maintenance.


Today, with the modernization of new vehicles on the road, car diagnostic tools have greatly improved over the years. Without them, you spend hours looking for minor issues with your car and potentially spend thousands on unmanaged car parts. In this article, we have included the best options for professionals, home mechanics and anyone looking for a cheap car diagnostic tool. Let’s make a wise choice.


Do all car scanners read all control units?

There are two different types of OBD car diagnostic tools that exist. The first is relatively inexpensive code readers and the second is a relatively expensive OBD scanner. The cheaper version can only find the way out of common problem code and highlight it for you. For better understanding, details and accessibility issues, users are advised to purchase in advance.

Where is the OBD2 Connector?

The default position for the vehicle’s OBD2 connector is to the left of the steering wheel. For the right-hand drive, the OBD connector will be placed to the right. Check the manufacturer’s website for only relevant information for your car model.

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