Best Needle Nose Plier

Best Needle Nose Pliers

The best needle nose pliers are not necessarily the most expensive ones. In fact, many pliers are made by a great number of different manufacturers.  The concept of pliers is simple, but you don’t need to have any electrical or mechanical knowledge to be able to use them.

You will need some basic tools to complete the plier repair for your toolbox. As a general rule, pliers are made to do one thing, and one thing only. It should get into the very core of the item you want to repair. The core component of every device is the head. While this is somewhat obvious, it’s not usually emphasized that much.

The point you’re trying to fix has a grip on it. It needs to be able to grab onto something hard, but also smooth and even. When you have a power grab onto something it is hard, then you’ll find it will start to go in different directions because of the friction. The problem with that is, it can hurt your hands and you’ll have to work harder to get it out.

Pliers are primarily used for gripping items to help you pull it out. With pliers, you never want to rely solely on the point, you always need to have a smooth surface. Needles can pierce flesh, fingers, and other internal organs. They are a very sharp instrument. They can also be very long and need to be handled with care. Even the slightest tautness of the skin can let the needle slip through.

When you first get your new pliers, make sure you are very careful with them. Have them sharpened regularly to ensure they are as sharp as they can be. It is absolutely imperative that you sharpen your pliers every month or so to keep them as sharp as they can be. Another tip you can use is to have a lot of them on hand.

You also want to have a good supply of pliers, but that doesn’t mean you should just throw them away after you’ve used them once. Sometimes a new set will come out that is the same size as an old set. That means you have some spare, used pliers laying around.

The best needle nose pliers should be made by the finest manufacturers in the business. There are several companies that do very nice pliers. So there you have it, the best needle nose pliers. To purchase them, you’ll have to know where to find them, but if you know what you’re looking for you should be able to find them pretty easily.

If you take your time and read our reviews then you shouldn’t run into any problems to find the best one.

1. IRWIN VISE-GRIP Long Nose Pliers

IRWIN Best Needle Nose Pliers

The IRWIN Best Nose Pliers Touch grips offer extra comfort and reduce hand fatigue while working

  • Comes with durable nickel chromium steel construction
  • The ProTouch grips offer extra comfort and minimize hand fatigue
  • Machined jaws deliver maximum gripping strength, Induction hardened cutting edge remains sharp longer
  • These pliers give a superior long reach design for work in restricted areas

This is the best nose pliers for better durability.

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2. TEKTON Mini Needle Nose Pliers

TEKTON Best Needle Nose Plier

Enjoy your work as the TEKTON Mini Best Needle Nose Pliers offers the hassle-free working.

  • Extra-long and slim design, the tapered nose comes with a fine tip
  • Crosscut teeth generates uniform contact across the jaw for better grip in any direction
  • Recessed coil spring gently help opening to reduce hand fatigue
  • Features Wide and flat handles with slim, non-slip grips for comfortable fingertip control

This is the Best Needle Nose Pliers for non-slip grips.

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3. Dykes Needle Nose Pliers Extra Long Needle Nose Plier

Dykes Best Needle Nose Plier

Dykes Pliers is the 6-Inch Best Needle Nose Pliers with long tempered jaws for working in hard to reach areas.

  • Features Tapered nose with fine tips for bending wire, jewelry making, computer maintenance, electronics repair, etc.
  • Perfect tool for general, hobby, or craft use especially useful for jewelry craftsmen, electricians, and network engineers.
  • Offers carbon steel construction for durability, Plastic-dipped handles for more comfort
  • Leaf Spring-loaded design for easier use of this long nose pliers and decreases fatigue

This is the best needle nose pliers for electricians.

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4. Stanley 84-096 5-Inch Needle Nose Plier

Stanley Best Needle Nose Plier

Make your working easier and quick with this Durable Stanley Best Needle Nose Pliers.

  • Long tempered jaws for reaching into hard to reach areas
  • Great for work in compact places
  • Features Forged steel construction and Rust-resistant finish
  • Double-dipped handles delivers comfortable use
  • Length is 5 inches and offers lifetime limited warranty

This is the Best Needle Nose Plier for working in hard to reach areas.

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5. Pliers – Xuron Tweezer Nose 450

Pliers Best Needle Nose Plier

Xuron is an Ultra-precise Best Needle Nose Pliers capable of grasping and holding the wire with the strength for wire forming.

  • This is Fine and Accurate “tweezer” like tips will direct the most delicate parts
  • Xuro-Rudber Cushioned Grips offers better comfort to the operator
  • Light Touch Return Springs maximize operator comfort
  • Easily capture a human hair, Compacts a thread and flat ends a copper wire or simply pull tested wire cable through the tubing
  • Xuron tools are developed in the U.S.A. Xuron brand products and are covered by a factory warranty

This is the Best Needle Nose Pliers for superior comfort.

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6. Channellock 317 8-Inch Long Nose Plier with Side Cutter 

Channellock Best Needle Nose Plier

The Channellock Long Best Needle Nose Plier comes with side cutter has laser heat-treated cutting edges for lasting longer.

  • Comes with side cutter
  • Crosshatch pattern on jaws grips for working tightly
  • Channellock’s knife and anvil style cutting edge make sure perfect pairing and excellent cutting edge life
  • High-carbon C1080 steel provides superior performance while working and electronic coating for best rust prevention
  • Developed in the USA

This is the Best Needle Nose Pliers for high-performance.

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7. IRWIN VISE-GRIP Long Nose Pliers with Wire Cutter

IRWIN Best Needle Nose Plier

When it comes to needlenose pliers IRWIN has a great reputation for making high-quality tools.

  • Comes with Durable nickel chromium steel construction
  • ProTouch grips for offering extra comfort and decreases hand fatigue
  • Features Induction hardened cutting edge that stays sharper and longer
  • Machined jaws for more gripping strength
  • It meets or exceeds ANSI specifications.

This is the Best Needle Nose Pliers to reduce hand fatigue.

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8. Darice Precision Flat Nose Pliers

Darice Best Needle Nose Plier

Darice offers many Ultra-sharp Best Needle Nose Pliers hand tools for electricians, builders and many more.

  • Features Glittery handled flat nose pliers perfect for jewelry making and hobby use
  • Comes with smooth jaws and great for right-angle bends and grasping flat beads and findings
  • Convenient to take for craft shows, classes, etc.
  • Bright glittery teal handles allow it for easy to find on a workspace or into a toolbox
  • Perfect tool but not a toy and suggested for adult use only

This is the Best Needle Nose Pliers for stress-free usage.

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9. Sea Striker P6 Needlenose Plier

Sea Best Needle Nose Plier

Sea Striker brings you one of the Best Needle Nose Pliers for sharp cutting operations.

  • Country Of Origin: China
  • The package height of the product: 4.25 inches
  • The package length of the product: 1.5 inches
  • The package width of the product: 10.25 inches
  • Find rocky surf rods and steep roads for coastal fishing with ragging kits, beads, and lost hooks

This is the Best Needle Nose Pliers for sharp cutting edges.

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10. Cousin Craft & Jewelry Making Tool Kit

Cousin Best Needle Nose Pliers

Cousin set of tools includes a Best Needle Nosed Pliers with an aqua colored handle and Round Nose Pliers with purple handle as well as Side Cutters with pink handles.

  • Jewelry crafters will like this suitable pack of essential tools. Integrates three tools in one pack that includes a Needle Nosed
  • Pliers with an aqua colored handle, a Round Nose Pliers with purple handle and Side Cutters with pink handles
  • The curved-edges of the round-nosed pliers allows easy forming loops and bends a pleasure
  • Long needle-nose pliers are a versatile tool for picking, placing, shaping and holding objects
  • Heavy-duty cutting tool is perfect for cutting through hard temper wires

This is the Best Needle Nose Pliers for heavy-duty cutting.


The needle-nose pliers have long been used as a significant tool for those who regularly deal with the small details. These long-nose or needle-nose pliers are popular among the artisans, jewelry designers, or even electricians since they are working on the little details. although this is a tool that you can probably get by with just about any model, there are little tricks and differences that will help you find the perfect set for you.


How do you use long-nose pliers?

The nose on pliers is the two-part mechanism that meets together to grip when the jaws of the pliers are closed.
Find the right long-nose pliers.
Open pliers carefully.
Get into small areas with long-nose pliers.
Bend or shape wire with long-nose pliers.
Cut wire with long-nose pliers.

How do you maintain pliers?

Clean the tool, particularly the blades, with soap and water to remove splinters of metal or plastic which could cause problems with the joints or encourage corrosion. Ensure the pliers are completely dry before storage. You can also clean them by wiping rubbing alcohol onto the blades and allowing it to dry.

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