Best Pocket Screwdrivers

Best Pocket Screwdrivers

What is the best pocket screwdrivers for a professional handyman? If you’re like most handymen, you may be tempted to give up on your precious screwdrivers and save yourself a bunch of time and money by just taking a two-day class and using a generic brand instead.

The first thing to consider is what size and type of “pocket” you need to carry, and what type of small portable screwdriver is best suited for that type of use. For instance, power screwdrivers are useful for all kinds of screws. But a mini version is ideal for screwing little screws, and they’re typically lightweight and small enough to fit in most pockets. A power screwdriver with a little plating and ornate finish is often made out of brass or copper. Both of these metals are very hard wearing and very strong.

For purposes of securing screws and bolts, the best kind of screwdriver for most situations is the magnetic type. There are many different styles of high-quality screwdrivers. You can find a wide variety of models, finishes, and functions. Some of the most popular types are screw guns, cutter, miter, and impact drivers.

Of course, none of us want to carry all those bits when we’re working in the yard, and this is where shopping online and finding the right kind of screwdriver become especially advantageous. You can literally get the best price by purchasing it in bulk from one of the top online manufacturers. You’ll find a wide range of tools there and can select one that suits your needs. Even better, you can get discounts for buying more than one set of one particular model.

There’s no reason for you to get frustrated because you can’t figure out how to get a screw into a nailhead because your tools just aren’t powerful enough to get the job done. You can get some relief by purchasing one of the best pocket screwdrivers. They come in several sizes and designs, so there is sure to be one that fits your needs.

Some of the best models come with two sizes of gripping grips. If you want to become a successful handyman, then it is important to remember that it takes a little practice and effort. So don’t expect instant results and expect to waste a lot of money on expensive tools.

Top 10 Best Pocket Screwdrivers in 2020

1. Zac 8pc Pocket Pry bar/Screwdrivers

Zac Best Pocket Screwdrivers

Clearly overall best pocket screwdriver which is an extremely sturdy but lightweight aluminum shell.

  • Promotional pocket screwdriver
  • Flat bladed
  • Comes with a Magnetic end
  • Chrome-plated will not rust
  • Has a handy pocket clip

This is the best pocket screwdriver for electrician.

2. Klein Tools 32614 Multi-bit Precision Screwdriver

Klein Tools Best Pocket Screwdrivers

The Klein 4-in-1 Best Pocket Screwdriver has a concealable tip and a pocket clip for easy pocket storage.

  • Electronics screwdriver with concealable tips and a pocket clip for convenient pocket storage
  • Four different tips in one tool includes #0 and #00 Phillips plus 1/8-Inch, 3/32-Inch slotted tips.
  • Rotating cap offers optimum and accurate control
  • Versatile interchangeable barrel features a short and long side
  • Cushion-Grip handle allows for better comfort when working on small equipment

This is the best pocket screwdriver for accurate control.

3. MUDDER 4 Pieces Pocket Screwdriver

MUDDER 4 Pieces Best Pocket Screwdrivers

MUDDER is a Most-Affordable Best Pocket screwdrivers Set can be widely used in daily life such as for laptop, calculator, glasses and many small machines.

  • What you receive: the package includes 4 pieces as 4 in 1 mini pen screwdriver, each pen screwdriver includes 4 pieces double-end screwdriver bits contains 2 pieces crossing bits, 2 pieces flathead bits. Also integrates 1 piece mini magnet, Comes with enough quantity and different bits to meet all your needs
  • Proper size: The portable pocket screwdriver is near about 5.3 inches or 13.4 cm in length. Convenient for you to carry or put into your pocket so you can fix it in your pocket to avoid losing. The crossing and flathead screwdriver size is 3 mm and 4 mm.
  • Wide range of applications: this 4 in 1 pocket screwdriver can be used as repairing tools for laptop, calculator, glasses and other small machine or devices that can bring much simplicity to your life
  • With magnet design: End of the pen screwdriver is built with a small but practical magnet that can draw out some small screws during your working with both hands.
  • Durable to use: this portable pen screwdriver is made from chrome-vanadium alloy steel, not simple to break or deform, can work for a long time. Drill shank is hexagonal so it can be attached directly to a power tool.

This is the best pocket screwdriver for repairing small machines.

4. Pocket Screwdrivers By Red Barn Industries

Pocket Screwdrivers By Red Barn Industries

Quality finishing of this Durable Red Barn Industries Best Pocket Screwdriver ensures that the product will last up to day to day use without breaking.

  • NON-Magnetic Valve Core End, A Handy 2-In-1 Tool that won’t be drag from your pocket.
  • When pressed in pocket clip won’t fall/ slide down handle
  • Slightly Longer Length provides confident Feel In Hand. Chrome Finish Resists Rust
  • It Available In 4 Color Options, Including Visible Green And Orange. It Is Easier To Spot, Harder To Lose The Tool
  • Equivalent to The Snap-On, Matco, Mac, And Cornwell Promo Pocket Screwdrivers

This is the best pocket screwdriver that offers confidence while working.

5. Klein Tools 32613 Multi-Bit Pocket Screwdriver

Klein Tools Best Pocket Screwdrivers

You will never find out tools that can reproduce the strength in the lightweight frame that Klein Tools Multi-Bit Best Pocket Screwdriver delivers only for you.

  • HVAC screwdriver comes with concealable tips and a pocket clip for simple pocket storage
  • Three different tips available in one tool, includes #0 Phillips, 1/8-Inch Slotted, and a Schrader bit.
  • Rotating cap delivers excellent and precise control
  • Versatile interchangeable barrel contains both a short and long side
  • Cushion-Grip handle offers maximum comfort when working on compact equipment

This is the best pocket screwdriver for beginners.

6. Unbrand Custom Pocket Screwdriver with Magnet

Unbrand Best Pocket Screwdrivers

The Unbrand Handy Best Pocket Screwdriver is a perfect choice if you’re looking for great a pocket screwdriver.

  • Made In China, factory price
  • Cheap price good quality
  • Very easy flat tip pocket screwdriver with magnet tip
  • Perfect for mechanics, electricians, electronic technicians, assemblers, etc

This is the best pocket screwdriver suitable for mechanics.

7. Cg 10 PCS Promotional Tools Pocket Flat Screwdriver

Cg Best Pocket Screwdrivers

Dissimilar regular drill drivers, this Cg 10 PCS Flat Best Pocket Screwdriver is fit for any emergency task as you can have it with you at any time.

  • Made In China
  • Factory price and cheap price with good quality
  • Very useful flat tip pocket screwdriver with magnet tip
  • Ideal for mechanics, electricians, electronic technicians, assemblers, and more.

This is the best pocket screwdriver with a compact design.

8. Mudder Pieces 4 in 1 Pocket Screwdriver

Mudder Best Pocket Screwdrivers

Let’s get this 4 in 1 Double-ended Best Pocket Screwdriver that serves as a multipurpose tool to satisfy your various daily needs.

  • Nice magnet design: at the end of the pen screwdriver features magnetic design, the non-slip textured surface can allow you to attract and hold small screws when you are working with it. The drill shank can be linked to a power tool directly
  • Easy to carry and store: our double-ended screwdriver calculate approx. 5.3 inches/ 13.4 cm in length so you can put it in your handbag or tool case, in pocket easily. The crossing and flathead screwdriver size is 3 mm and 4 mm respectively.
  • Nice material: this portable multipurpose screwdriver is made from chrome-vanadium alloy steel that is durable and not easy to break. Can also serve for a long time allowing you to have an efficient work condition
  • Versatile usage: 4 in 1 pocket screwdrivers allows you to repair or install many items such as fixing your laptop, calculator, glasses, battery compartments, electronics, cell phone and more.

This is the best pocket screwdriver for convenient storage.

9. STEELMAN 60713 Folding Magnetic Pocket Screwdriver

STEELMAN Best Pocket Screwdrivers

STEELMAN Reliable Best Pocket Screwdriver can conveniently fit in your pocket or simply allows you to clip it on your shirt.

  • EASY CARRY – Clip can connect on either side for convenient right or left-handed pocket carrying position
  • MAGNETIC SHAFT – 1/4-Inch hex shaft is magnetic to safely hold attached bits firmly in one place
  • COMPACT SIZE – This compact tool easily folds down to just 4.25-inches long and ideal for carrying in a pocket
  • ON-BOARD STORAGE – Tool comes with on-board storage for the eight 1/4-inch hex screwdriver bits
  • INCLUDED BITS – Contains 3/16″ and 1/4″ slotted, PH1 and PH2 Philips, T15 and T20 Torx, and S1 and S2 Square bits.

This is the best pocket screwdriver with a folding design.

10. Bostitch Office Stanley 4-In-1 Pocket Screwdriver

Bostitch Best Pocket Screwdrivers

Let’s do your repairing work more precisely and easily with this Easy-to-use Stanley Best Pocket Screwdriver.

  • The ease of use set of precision drivers in a one-pocket tool
  • Suitable for toy assembly, battery compartments, eyeglasses, electronics, and Cell phones
  • Magnetic bits to attract and hold small screws
  • Offers soft and comfortable bi-material grip
  • Includes with 2 screwdrivers

This is the best pocket screwdriver for a comfortable grip while working.

You probably rely on full-size and supported tools for a great job, but these pocket screwdrivers have something to talk about. They are conveniently short enough to withstand fasteners and transport anywhere you go. Our reviews are intended to show you the best on each model, so you can decide what is worth your purchase, along with complete information about what you are getting.


How do I get a screw to hold the screwdriver?
There is a simple trick that will hold the screw head against the end of the screwdriver blade. Cut a small length of the masking tape and press the screw along the smooth side through it. Push until the head flush with the sticky side

What do I use as a small screwdriver?

To unscrew the screw without the screwdriver, use a butter knife, coin, credit card or loosener tab to turn the screw in the opposite direction. You can also grab a screw with a pair of pillars and try to knock it out that way. If it is a small screw, use a knife tip or a pair of tweezers to remove the tweezers.

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