Best Slip Joint Pliers

Best Slip Joint Pliers

Slip joint pliers are used to fit, cut, shape, and secure an assortment of different types of materials. For heavy-duty clipping trimming or cutting, a variety of different attachments are available in different makes and designs.

Single and double-arm versions are available in a wide variety of plain wire cutters and finger-gripping chisels. These tools have the power to do more than simply just hold clippings together. There are specialized sets of tools that will create a professional look by setting off trim work or making fine handwork even finer.

Make sure you buy from a reputable source because they should be free of any jagged edges. They can also be protected with the appropriate sealant to guard against damage from the sun, dust, and rain. While a splinter can be rather unsightly, it’s still worth doing your homework to find the best available slip-joint pliers for your particular needs.

On some tools, the jaws can lock onto the jaws or even a large file when the blades are not open. In addition, the material in these products is generally made with very smooth surfaces. Next, there are important accessories that every tool must-have. Stiffener, strain reliefs, tip protector, and a screwdriver are some of the most important accessories a good tool must-have.

The best tools will usually have multi-angle shear force plates and ergonomic handles. Other specialized attachments are used for work that requires precise maneuvering. You can also use a rotary tool or rotary cutter to create hand tools for work that requires precision.

With all the appropriate accessories, a set of slip-joint pliers is essential to every electrician, plumber or DIYers. Always make sure you get the best possible accessory available for your equipment, and you’ll be well on your way to a much longer career.

Top 10 Best Slip Joint Pliers in 2020

1. WORKPRO 7-piece Pliers Slip Joint Set

WORKPRO Best Slip Joint Pliers

The WORKPRO Most Durable Best Slip Joint Pliers can be the valuable and perfect addition to your toolbox.

  • The set includes: Included with 8-inch groove joint, 8-inch and 6-inch slip joint, 7-inch linesman, 6-inch and 4.5-inch long nose, and 6-inch diagonal pliers.
  • DROP FORGED POLISHED STEEL: Features a heat-treated durable body construction
  • HARDENED CUTTING EGDES: Long-lasting and increased cutting ease with better performance
  • COMFORT GRIP HANDLE: Double-dipped coating guarantees secure and safe non-slip handling
  • CONVENIENT FOR: Perfect for DIY home maintenance, garden projects, and more. Great additions to your basic toolset.

This is the best slip joint pliers for increased ease of cutting.

2. CRAFTSMAN Slip Joint Plier

CRAFTSMAN Best Slip Joint Pliers

CRAFTSMAN is the Best Slip Joint Pliers Set which is made of drop forged steel to provide better strength and durability.

  • 2-Piece set
  • Multi-zone bi-material grips offer more comfort and control
  • Drop forged steel for great strength as well as durability
  • Precision machined jaws provide gripping and holding
  • Full Lifetime Warranty

This is the best slip joint pliers for high-quality construction.

3. FASTPRO 7-Piece Utility Slip Joint Pliers

FASTPRO Best Slip Joint Pliers

FASTPRO 7-Piece Utility Slip Joint Pliers that features a precisely machined jaw to provide a better grip and accurate operations.

  • Forged-steel construction to provide a durability
  • Machined jaws help to grip items safely for better control
  • Hardened cutting edges deliver extra-tough and convenient cutting
  • Cushioned double-dipped handle allows for more comfort and assure a safe as well as secure grip
  • Available in seven basic type pliers and adjustable wrench in multiple sizes that are ideal to be used on mostly any object

This is the best slip joint pliers for extra-tough cutting.

4. IRWIN Tools VISE-GRIP Slip Joint Pliers

IRWIN Tools Best Slip Joint Pliers

IRWIN is Highly Known Best Slip Joint Pliers that are made from durable nickel chromium steel to provide an efficient cutting.

  • None
  • Imported
  • Built from durable nickel chromium steel, induction-hardened cutting edge remains sharper and longer. Machined jaws provide more gripping strength.
  • Anti-pinch and non-slip ProTouch Grips for better comfort, control, and reduced hand fatigue. Right angle teeth grip allows for maximum bite.
  • Variable-size jaws are an ideal solution for many household needs.
  • All pliers meet ANSI specification

This is the best slip joint pliers for a better grip while working.

5. CHANNELLOCK Straight Jaw Slip Joint Plier

CHANNELLOCK Straight Best Slip Joint Pliers

The CHANNELLOCK Straight Jaw Best Slip Joint Plier can be the perfect tool for completing home and garage needs.

  • Right angle and laser heat-treated teeth grip is better to last longer
  • Undercut tongue and groove design assures it will not slip
  • PERMALOCK fastener prevents a nut and bolt failure
  • Patented reinforcing edge helps to reduce stress breakage
  • CHANNELLOCK made of high-carbon steel for excellent performance on the job and highly coated for superior rust prevention
  • CHANNELLOCK BLUE grips offers more comfort
  • Made in the USA

This is the best slip joint pliers that can be a perfect addition to the garage.

6. IRWIN VISE-GRIP Slip Joint Pliers Set

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Best Slip Joint Pliers

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Best Slip Joint Pliers offers a ProTouch grips that helps to deliver maximum comfort and reduces hand fatigue.

  • Press-n-Slide buttons change lower jaws 2X quicker than ancient groove joint pliers
  • All-purpose v-jaws grip on spherical, flat, sq. and hex shapes
  • More groove positions offer the optimum hand location for an improved grip on the workpiece
  • Non-slip, anti-pinch ProTouch Grips offer additional comfort and minimize hand fatigue
  • Ratcheting action permits GrooveLock pliers to be adjusted from the open position up to the workpiece by pushing the handle up while not press the button
  • IRWIN VISE-GRIP pliers set includes 8-inch and 10-inch GrooveLock plyers
  • Each try of plyers contains a press-and-slide button that easily adjusts the lower jaw

This is the best slip joint pliers for reducing hand fatigue.

7. Pliers Kobalt Slip Joint Pliers

Pliers Kobalt Best Slip Joint Pliers

If you are looking for the best slip joint pliers of high-grade construction then you pick this Kobalt Slip Joint Pliers.

  • Drop cast chrome alloy steel for strength and sturdiness
  • Hardened accurate machined jaws last longer and grip higher. Engineered bi-material anti-slip grips
  • Please note that Kobalt is dynamical change the handle color from blueness to light-weight blue.

This is the best slip joint pliers for daily home needs.

8. Channellock 526 6-Inch Slip Joint Pliers

Channellock Best Slip Joint Pliers

Get the classic and versatile slip joint design of this Cost-Effective Channellock Best Slip Joint Pliers that combines the legendary strength and reliability.

  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Package length: 6.9″
  • Package width: 2.55″
  • Package height: 0.95″

This is the best slip joint pliers for better durability and strength.

9. Crescent H26VN Slip Joint Pliers

Crescent Best Slip Joint Pliers

The Crescent pliers are durable, well-built best slip joint pliers that last longer if you use them through some heavy-duty use.

  • Specially made for gripping and turning round objects such as pipes, rods, and pins
  • Curved jaws combination features a machined gripping teeth and wire cutter
  • Built from forged carbon steel and precisely machined, toughen and more tempered
  • Bright and plated finish
  • Knurled handles

This is the best slip joint pliers for turning round objects.

10. GEARWRENCH 8″ Dual Material Slip Joint Pliers

GEARWRENCH Best Slip Joint Pliers

GEARWRENCH Heavy-duty Best Slip Joint Plier suitable for gripping, twisting, cutting, or bending wire or cable in professional, industrial, and home uses.

  • Cushion Grip
  • Curved back handles provide better leverage and reduced slip
  • Slim handle design
  • Exclusive rounded inside edges offers more comfort
  • End texture grips allows convenient access

This is the best slip joint pliers for industrial applications.


Sleep Joint Pillars are a perfect tool for everyone’s toolbox, who always need a set of hands-on people and for great speed and efficiency. Slip joint pillars come in different sizes and have some strange features depending on the product. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the top slip joint pillars and came up with the first ten slip joint pillars.


What is the proper use of slip-joint pliers?

Slip-joint pillars are versatile tools that are used to hold and bend hardware. They have two layers of teeth; Fine teeth near the front are designed to hold small objects and nails, while the rough teeth on the back are designed to hold heavy nuts and bolts.

What is the main purpose of slip joint pliers?

Slip joints are used when the main problem is a large axial motion. Pipe supports are usually slipped joints that allow for thermal expansion or contraction of the pipe associated with support.

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